cyclingjan11I originally started this blog, sometime in 2001, to chronicle my training back into shape as a single dad and a rather un-athletic individual.  I can’t believe it’s been ten years since then.  I’m pretty sure ten.  Since the start I married my beautiful and amazing wife, had two more kids, started a business and even grew a few gray hairs.  Well anyway…

This past Sunday the weather cleared enough and warmed up enough for us in the Coeur d’alene area to get out and put some miles in.  Coming home from church my wife watched me enviously watch a pack of riders hit the pavement.  I love my wife and she was kind enough to take the kids and push me out the door.  At least after I showed my little girl how to play the piano for a little bit :)

I really hope to put some miles in this year.  With four kids its a bit hard to find the personal time to really train to hit long rides, but my hope is that I can get in much better health, feel like I’m accomplishing something on the bike and stay in relatively good shop throughout my little ones’ early years.  I love cycling and love the challenge and am really stoked to have made a commitment to get back out there.

So, although Sunday was a bit cold and I hit some patches of snow and ice, actually a lot of snow and ice, I had a great time.  So I’m going to use this as a bit of a training diary too.  So…

Sunday – 13 miles, about an hour – cold as ever but awesome day

Tuesday – Hour on the trainer, two simulated climbs of 7 minutes each – felt great.  The climbs really seemed to kick the cobwebs out.  My lungs feel good and after the training, I was down to 195.  I started last week at an even 200.

My goal is 180 by April 2nd.