A few years ago I was raising my oldest two on my own, before I met my amazing wife.  I read a book by James Dobson.  I can’t recall what it was, but it basically had to to with family traditions, and building memories with your kids.  The basic premise was that you should be deliberate in creating memories for your kids.  Think about what you want them to grow up remembering, what experiences, traditions and things like that do you want them to have that builds a foundation of who they are and how your family is.

As I read that book I recalled all the things from my childhood, which was pretty blessed, and didn’t realize that many of those things were deliberate things my folks put together for us to experience.  It wasn’t “willy-nilly”.    So from there I began to create experiences and even traditions for my kids.  I created something we call Big Breakfast Saturday.  BBS is, well, breakfast.  But there is so much more.  It starts with good music on the stereo.  Both kids, now all four, sitting at the counter in the kitchen.  Dad singing and dancing and just having fun with all of them.  And then the food.  Because it is big breakfast that means we eat a lot.  That means I cook a lot.  We start out with some oatmeal or cereal, move on to pancakes or frenchtoast and usually add eggs, sausage and bacon.  I try to get us to eat as much as we can, well at least put as much as you can on a plate :)

My kids love BBS.  When we don’t have it, they get upset.  The boys dance around, we eat like crazy, and just have good times.

Another tradition was Big Sundae Sunday.  We don’t do that much anymore :)  The idea was to one day a month, or every other month, let the kids build their own sundeas.  I wish I had pictures of the huge sundaes my sons made.  Scoops and scoops of ice cream and every topping you could find.  We usually did this after lunch.  The boys would eat as much as they could, run around the house like madmen, then fall asleep wherever they crashed.  It was great.

Can you see how most of our traditions revolve around food :)  We do have a bunch of others that revolve around game night, camping and other stuff, but those are the two best :)

So that got me thinking.  Everyone has their own traditions, either things they grew up with as kids, or things they are doing with their families, or stuff that they want to do.  Experiences that they purposefully and deliberately set up to spend time with their families, teach thier kids something, or just develop a loving home.  And I want to hear about those!  So, I’m starting this project called Your Family Traditions.  I’m using a client of JEBCommerce, drop.io, to gather ideas and share with others.

So here is the idea:  You have traditions, experiences and things you want to share with your kids or are sharing already.  Now, you can share those with myself and others by submitting an email to yourfamilytraditions@drop.io.  But that isn’t it, you can also submit your traditions, ideas and experiences via voice mail by dialing 646-502-4097 x 27644 or via video by submitting your video to http://drop.io/hidden/4nbvwxl44smkvb/upload.

I love video and audio, so please share with us your best family traditions, childhood experiences, or just some awesome family stories at http://drop.io/yourfamilytraditions.  Just click on Add or use the links above.  Let’s build an awesome resource to raise our families better this year.  I can’t wait to watch, hear and read about all of your great traditions!

When you get to http://drop.io/yourfamilytraditions , you can subscribe via RSS or with your email address so whenever anyone adds something, you get notification via email.

And please, tell everyone you can about this project.  Tweet it, Facebook it, email your friends!