It’s been a while since I posted on this blog, but I finally got the password all figured out.  Thanks Gabe Ripley!!  I plan to update everyone on my family and basically post whatever comes to mind here.

Every month or so, I wish it was that frequent, I update my Linkedin, Facebook and other social networks with new contacts.  It has been about 6 months since I did this last, so on a lazy Labor Day I decided to export my contacts and update my social networks.  Maybe there is a way to do this more efficiently, but I just wanted to get it done.

It had really been a while since I did this and so I had 499 contacts in Linkedin that I hadn’t reached out to.  I was excited to reconnect with some individuals and add them to my network.  Starting a few moments after I sent my invites I received notification of lots of people accepting my invite.  Thanks to all of you for reconnecting.

One person, let’s call him Brian, chose to not only reject my invite but to let me know why.  I do appreciate knowing why they chose not to accept my invite, but the reason was upsetting.  In Linkedin you can designate an Amazon reading list.  I updated it recently with a few books I have read, The Forgotten Man and Common Sense, by Glenn Beck.  That second book was why this gentlemen chose not to accept my connection invitation.  “Any fan of Glenn Beck I have nothing in common with”.

My first reaction was to dismiss it and move on.  But then I thought that this was the exact thing that is happening with the country.  We are so focused on hating the other side of any political issue that we demonize them, both the repubs and the dems do this very effectively.  So I chose not to participate in that.  I sent, what I hoped was a professional and “reaching over the aisle” type of email.  I’ll let you decide if it was snarky or not:


I contacted you not because of any shared or potentially shared political beliefs, I tend to leave them out of my business relationships, but because we worked together in some capacity in your capacity at (website removed). I believe that is your site, or that you are associated with.

Do you only work with those that share your political beliefs? Not that I do or I don’t. I don’t wish or intend to get into a political debate, but I do know that I work with and share friendships with many people who wouldn’t read a Glenn Beck book and know that I would, but somehow those relationships still work :)

I hope you have a wonderful day and reconsider my invite. It is our commonalities that bring us together, not our differences. Have a wonderful evening and a great week!

I meant it as a friendly email to point out that we don’t have to agree politically, but since we actually worked together, me as an affiliate manager, he as an affiliate, there was definitely a reason for us to connect.  Oh well.

Brian, if you are reading this, I bet you and I have a lot in common.  Hey, I’m in Sales and Marketing and so are you.  I’m in ecommerce, and so are you.  I have managed vendor relationships in the past, and your profile indicates you do to.  I bet you are a pretty cool guy, and ya know what, my wife thinks I am  :)

I honestly do have close relationships with people who have vastly different views.  They know where I stand, I know where they stand and at times the only debates that I have that really matter are with those individuals.  Our commonalities bring us together and our differences make the sum of our parts way better then the parts themselves.  I cherish those relationships.  We’ve stopped doing that.  We can’t just hang around with people who share every belief we do, how boring is that.