After reading the article below here:

I wrote the following letter to Senator Crapo.  I can’t explain the frustration and amazement I have after reading this.

Senator Crapo,

After reading that I am very disappointed in this.

1.  How can you take money from an organization that is getting bailed out by taxpayers?

2.  By taking money from them you are condoning the actions of a bankrupt organization, taking taxpayers money and using it for political contributions?  I would seriously love to hear you justify this.

3.  How can you even comment on anything bad they are doing, when you are taking their money?

Where are the principles I heard you talk about at Senator Jorgenson’s home several years ago?  Where are the principles at all?

How can you justify these things.

You should give this money back, you know why?  It’s our money.

I’m a long time republican, I’ve voted for you several times, my office is down a few steps from yours in CDA and I’ve always considered you one of the good guys.

But this, this will move my vote to someone else and will encourage me to tell others the same thing.

It’s about principles.  I know that I would never take money like that from an organization that is taking money from the taxpayers.

It is amazing, just amazing.

Jamie Birch.