The primaries here in Idaho are now finished.  Overall I was very happy with the outcome.  But not everyone is, and to be honest, I think they are blaming the wrong people.  I read again this week that the ousted Senator Jorgenson is blaming Phil Hart and some organization called Rally Right for his dismissal.

I voted for Senator Jorgenson in the last elections but not this one.  In fact, I didn’t vote for any single incumbent.  If you were already in office, well you didn’t get my vote.  Now, I like Senator Jorgenson.  I think he has done a good job for Idaho, this community and I found him to be personable and available when you need to speak with him.

I have had the great pleasure of attending an event to hear Senator Mike Crapo speak at his house as well as been his guest at several party functions.  On each occasion he has taken significant time to speak with me and hear me out, primarily on the issue of the Amazon or Affiliate Tax that so concerns my business and the industry it operates in.  So, all in all, he has been a household name in my house and we have spoken of him kindly and with great respect.  So it upsets me to see that Senator Jorgenson is blaming his loss on Phil Hart and not on the people that voted.  3,100 people didn’t vote for Steve Vick because Phil Hart said so or Rally Right said so.

From the CDA Press: “They are on an agenda to do away with what I call mainstream Republicans. We’re too moderate for them,” Jorgenson said of the 1-year-old group. “It’s something the people should be aware of and alarmed at what’s going on.”

My wife and I voted for Vito Barbieri and Steve Vick.  I’m sorry Senator Jorgenson, you didn’t get our vote this time.  It didn’t have to do with Mr. Hart or Rally Right -  I don’t even know who that group is and neither does anyone that I know who voted for these two gentlemen.  And it really didn’t have much to do with you as an individual.  You are currently in office, thus you did not get my vote.  No incumbent did and I know many people who did that, both democrats and republicans.  I also had the privilege of spending a few minutes with Vito during his campaign and felt that he and Vick shared my beliefs and values.  I also liked that Vito had never run for office, was a small business owner and just fed up with what is going on.  So am I and I can get behind a guy who feels that way and is putting his money where his mouth is.

What surprises me, annoys me, and aggravates me is that you don’t know the real reason why.  We don’t want more of the same.  We don’t want more of the same from the republicans or the democrats.  You had your shot, and now another citizen politician will have his shot.  These positions weren’t meant to be had in perpetuity.  The founders didn’t mean for you to make a living as a legislator. Serve your time and move on.

Here is a pretty funny, at least to me, sentence from a CDA Press article:

“But others in the Republican Party are concerned about the direction of the party following Tuesday’s results.”

You are damn right, they should be concerned.  Every single elected official in office should be concerned.  We aren’t voting for you anymore.  You’ve totally missed the boat here, we aren’t mad at the democrats, we are mad at all of you.

The republicans have taken the tea party movement and the general level of mistrust and anger that the American Citizens have been expressing as solely focused on Obama.  Solely focused on Democrats.  Guess what, it isn’t.  For too long, and more than the last eight years, you have abused power (this isn’t specifically to you Senator Jorgenson), grown government, passed bad legislation, misrepresented your constituents, passed laws that we in no way can fund, ignored the please of those you represent, mishandled our money like it just doesn’t matter to you.  You haven’t done anything to address our concerns about overspending and the entitlements that are coming due that we in no way can pay.  You haven’t done anything about the monetary policy that is driving us into a depression.

We’ve woken up a bit haven’t we?  We’ve started to read about the constitution, we have gone back to the history books and studied about the founding of our country, what is legal and what isn’t and what YOU are SUPPOSED to be doing.  No longer are WE (democrats and republicans and libertarians) just going to listen to our party and blindly vote for you because you have an R next to your name or a D.  We are asking candidates how they feel about the constitution, how they feel about our monetary policy, what their first steps will be, what their core beliefs are and other things.  We know what we believe and what is true, but do you?

It’s been pretty interesting over the last two years.  I haven’t really enjoyed reading, um, ever.  Hated it. Maybe read three books in the years after college and till 2008.  But now, I’m plowing through a book a week and I’m not the only one.  My neighbors are reading history books.  We are all reading political philosophy books.  We are reading the actual words of our founders, not what the media or you say they wrote and said.  We are getting back to who we are as a country by reading, learning and studying.  It’s pretty amazing to be reading a book in a coffee shop and a stranger come up and start discussing the pro’s and con’s of the authors position.  The market of ideas is truly being taken back by the general population, no longer do our elected officials have a monopoly on that.  And that scares R’s as much as D’s.

It isn’t about party politics anymore.  It isn’t about which party is in power because we know that it doesn’t matter all that much.  Both parties have grown government beyond what is feasible and what we are comfortable with.  Both parties have betrayed our constitution and the will of the people.  Obama and Bush, democrats and republicans.

Vaughn Ward also lost for this reason.  Although he was a candidate, we all felt he was basically the same as all the other entrenched politicians.  He didn’t represent the average Idahoan and we felt he looked a lot more like the way things have gone then the way we want them to go.  Yes we want change, but sorry Mr. President, you haven’t brought that over either (um, didn’t you speak out against the Patriot Act, but yet removed the sunset?).

I’m also excited to see that democrats and republicans discussing issues like normal humans now.  For far too long I couldn’t even discuss these things with my sisters.  They leaned left, I ran right and so we avoided these discussions.  But I believe the American people are starting to really come together.  We are learning why we believe things not just that we do.  We are even changing our positions on some things as we become more educated (I’m much more libertarian than republican now than two years ago).

Wow, ok, I’ve said a lot.  It’s raining pretty heavily outside so there isn’t much more to do than write.

So, Senator Jorgenson – Thank you for your service to our state.  I think you’ve done an admirable job and very much appreciate what you have done.  But you didn’t lose because of Phil Hart or Rally Right, again, I still have no idea who they are.

Republican Party – It isn’t about YOU.  We aren’t happy with YOU either.  Too many of you have been in office for what seems like hundreds of years and you have done as much to hurt this country as the Democrats.  You are right to be worried.  We are going to take back this party from the inside.

Onward and upward!

(If you actually got to the end of this post, God bless you, that was a long one :) )